Dem Rep. Heck: There’s a Danger Trump Will Take Drastic Actions to Change Subject from Mueller

On Wednesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Situation Room,” Representative Denny Heck (D-WA) said that there is a danger that as Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation nears its end, President Trump will take drastic actions to divert attention.

While discussing the president withdrawing troops from Syria, Heck stated, “The only plan that I’ve ever observed from President Trump, frankly, is that he pull out one of his four tried and true plays. He only has four. He doesn’t have three. He doesn’t have five. He doesn’t have any other number. And his four plays are deny, attack, play the victim, and change the subject or distract. And virtually everything that he does falls into one of those four categories. Now, my concern of late, Jim, is that as the Mueller investigation appears to be reaching a crescendo, and is a greater peril to him, then when he plays the distraction card, change the subject card, it has to be even more chaotic, more dramatic, in order to change the subject and divert attention from where the Mueller investigation has gotten to us at this point. And so, I think there is great peril for America, the American government, and the American people, as we get closer to the conclusion of the Mueller investigation, that he will do things like this, just to change the subject.”

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