April Ryan: Trump Is Pulling Down the Economy with Shutdown

Thursday on CNN’s “The Situation Room,” American Urban Radio Network’s White House correspondent April Ryan accused President Donald Trump of “pulling down the economy.”

Ryan charged Trump was to blame given the current government shutdown.

Ryan said, “The average shutdown typically lasts three days, but we saw back in 2013 in modern times where the longest shutdown was 13 days. I talked to incoming whip like I said yesterday, James Clyburn, who says that the Democrats won’t let the President stew in his juices. That’s, quote, unquote what he said until they get back to work next week, where they are going to try to vote on something to stop the stalemate on the funding issue for a fence or what have you. Not what he wants $5 billion.”

She added, “But when you look at the impact of a shutdown, think about this. It’s not about government ease. This is about common sense. The Government shutdown happened before Christmas. Federal employees received their pay, most of them received their pay before Christmas, but consumer confidence is not after Christmas and going into the new year Then you also have issues of those who are supported by the Government employees, small businesses who may have shops around these federal facilities that are closed. It just — it’s a trickle effect, and it ripples into so many different areas, but the President talks about the economy, this is one area that left to his own devices, he’s pulling down the economy with.”

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