Sanders on Shutdown: ‘We Need Democrats to Sit Down with Us at the Table and Get the Job Done’

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders spoke about the government shutdown Friday with CBS’s “This Morning,” calling on Democrats to “sit down and negotiate something they actually support.”

Sanders accused House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) of only looking out for her speakership rather than protecting the country’s border, arguing that is why she has been unwilling to negotiate.

“Nobody wants the government to be closed. That’s why we’re asking Democrats to sit down and negotiate something they actually support,” Sanders stated. “The real question here is, Nancy Pelosi is only looking to protect her speakership and not protect our borders, and that’s why she’s unwilling to negotiate with us and unwilling to make any type of a deal and unwilling to help do what is necessary.”

“We have to stop illegal drugs coming in,” he continued. “We have to stop human traffickers and child smuggling and the gangs that come across our border. We pick up ten known or suspected terrorists a day coming across our border, and we have to be able to stop this. And we need Democrats to sit down with us at the table and get the job done.”

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