MoveOn’s Jean-Pierre: Trump Wants End Legal Immigration from ‘Brown and Black Countries’

Monday on MSNBC’s “Deadline,” senior advisor and national spokeswoman for Karine Jean-Pierre said President Donald Trump wanted to end the “legal immigration” of people from “brown and black countries.”

Jean-Pierre said, “The politics of lies, as we’ve been discussing the first half of the show, it just continues. He’s not going step away from it. He’s going to have a prime-time address in the Oval Office tomorrow, and he’s going to be talking to his base. He’s not talking to the country, like most presidents, Democrats, and Republicans, have done in the past. He’s just talking to his very small and shrinking base. We talk a lot about illegal immigrants, and that’s who he goes after. There’s one more thing I want to say, we talk a lot about undocumented immigrants, and that’s whom he goes after. I think Donald Trump wants to get rid of legal immigration. And it’s because of people who come from brown and black countries. Just a year ago, it was reported that he said, ‘I don’t want anybody coming. Why do we have to have people from African nations, s-hole countries?'”

She added, “That was just a year ago. He’s made himself really clear from the moment he announced coming down the escalator, talking about Mexicans are rapists.”

Jean-Pierre continued, “He said he wants people from Nordic countries. That’s what he wants.”

She concluded, “I think that’s what all of this is about. Right? This is the type of country he sees that he wants.”

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