MSNBC’s Tur: Trump’s Base ‘Not Holding Him To a Wall,’ The ‘Right Wing Media’ Is

Monday on MSNBC’s “Live,” host Katy Tur said President Donald Trump’s base supporters are not demanding he builds a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Tur argued it is the “right-wing media” that is demanding the wall.

Tur said, “If you follow along with the campaign from home and saw that on your television or social media, every single day multiple times a day in some cases and only heard Donald Trump supporters chanting build the wall, build the wall and heard Donald Trump bring it up over and over again. I would understand why you would believe that’s something that he must do and it is a promise that he has to keep. I would counter no. No, he does not have to keep it. No, he does not have to build a wall.”

She continued, “Listen I spent a year and a half talking to Trump supporters, there is one exchange with a man at a rally in Ohio in late 2016, I wrote about it in my book. I asked this man ‘Why do you support Donald Trump?’ ‘Because he’s going to build a wall,’ he says. ‘What if he does not,’ I countered. ‘I trust his judgment,’ the man said. In other words in the eyes of Trump’s base, whatever Trump is doing is the right thing or he would not do it. It is just that simple. So no, Donald Trump’s base is not holding him to a wall. They never really did. The media has been holding Donald Trump to a wall, specifically the right-wing media that Donald Trump watches every hour of every day. The president does not want that fight, at least not that fight right now.”

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