Lanny Davis: Rudy Giuliani Is ‘Mentally Unstable’ — He Should Be ‘Criminally Investigated’

Thursday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” Michael Cohen’s legal advisor Lanny Davis said President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani was “mentally unstable.”

Davis said, “The language used by Mr. Schiff and Mr. Cummings about classic mob tactics is the answer directly to President Trump. It’s not about the truth, because you’ve hidden from the truth, you won’t even discuss direct questions and answers with Mr. Mueller, it’s about your attacking his father-in-law, Mr. Trump. Mr. Giuliani, you attack his father-in-law and allude to him being a criminal because he’s from the Ukraine. This is classic mob technique, to send a signal to the individual who Mr. Trump has called a rat for telling the truth. Now, that word rat comes directly out of organized crime. It’s also a signal to other inmates in a potential prison situation. But the family of Michael Cohen has been called out by Donald Trump once again, he ducks or lies about what he knows he’s done, which is to attack a father-in-law and a wife as a way of getting to Mr. Cohen. And that is called witness tampering, obstruction of justice. And the House of Representatives and the Senate need to move to protect Mr. Cohen by voting a resolution of censure that you can criticize Mr. Cohen but don’t attack a man’s family and intimidate a witness before Congress. And that’s what needs to be done, resolution of censure is appropriate to help Mr. Cohen feel some peace and his family not feel this threat.”

After playing a clip of Rudy Giuliani discussing Cohen’s father-in-law on CNN, Davis said, “It’s certainly actionable because he just lied. He’s mentally unstable. You can see in his face much less in his words.”

He added, “Giuliani can be indicted and certainly criminally investigated for doing what he just did, that is prima facie a crime.”

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