Ann Coulter: We Put ‘Lunatic,’ ‘Lazy’ Trump in the White House for One Reason — The Wall

Friday on Yahoo’s “Skullduggery” podcast, conservative author Ann Coulter said President Donald Trump won for one reason: People want the federal government to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Coulter said, “We put this lunatic in the White House for one reason, we wanted a wall.”

She added, “There is no on-again, off-again relationship with Trump. I will defend him on the things he deserves defending on and I will attack him when he doesn’t keep his promises.”

When asked if Trump is a fraud on the border wall or incompetent, Coulter said, “He is lazy and incompetent. I don’t think he is a fraud yet. We will see.”

She added, “Does he care more about building the wall or making sure Jared [Kushner] gets good press? There I am not sure, not sure at all.”

Arguing Trump can build a wall by simply ordering the Defense Department to do so, Coulter said, “He doesn’t need to declare an emergency. He should read a Constitution, ‘Oh gosh, I’m commander in chief.'”

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