CNN’s Gergen: ‘Chaos,’ Civil War Going on in the White House

Monday on CNN’s “At This Hour,” network political analyst David Gergen said the Axios report on leaked internal schedules showing President Donald Trump spends roughly 60 percent of his working hours in executive time, shows the White House is in “chaos.”

Gergen said, “Well, in the first place, it’s very clear that the person who leaked this intended to hurt the president. It was meant to hurt him, to chip away at his reputation, to undermine people’s confidence. And what it says about the White House is they still haven’t achieved the peace that they need to run a good organization. There is still too much chaos, too much chaos just generally surrounding decision making, and what it means is there are teams that are out to get each other. There are people who are fiercely fighting. I can just tell you being in various White Houses, if you have a civil war going on in the White House, you cannot get much done. It’s just too hard.”

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