Tucker Carlson Slams Media for ‘Slobbering’ Over Amazon’s Bezos

During a monologue that aired on his Monday show, Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson criticized the media for its reaction to the revelations involving Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos and text messages that he swapped with his mistress that were obtained by the National Enquirer.

Carlson acknowledged the invasion of privacy but questioned why the media weren’t curious about Bezos’ behavior that led to the text messages.

“So, imagine you’re a successful public figure,” Carlson said. “At the age of 55, you hit a mid-life crisis, so severe, you decide to leave your wife and four kids for another woman. Then you get so carried away with your new mistress, and you text her pictures of your genitals, and then those pictures end up in a tabloid — whoa, nightmare. So, what happens next? Do the media attack you as a pathetic old creep, maybe even a harasser? Do they #MeToo you? Or instead, do journalists instead rally to your defense? Well, that all depends on how rich you are. Luckily for him, Jeff Bezos is very rich, the richest man in the world, in fact. When you’re as rich as Jeff Bezos on, there’s no such thing as bad press coverage. There is only slobbering.”

Carlson cited The Washington Post’s Bob Woodward and Max Boot, and The New York Times’ tech columnist Kara Swisher as such examples of the “slobbering.”

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