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Rush Limbaugh: Compromise Border Bill Is Pelosi, Schumer Telling Trump ‘Pfft You’


Thursday on his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh commented on the compromise bill currently going through Congress to avoid another government shutdown.

Limbaugh said, “And this is a so striking—I’m telling you there’s no way that going through another shutdown is going to change anything in this legislation. It’s more obvious than, look, that Trump is going to have to engage and rely on incremental steps between now and 2020 to complete or continue his project building the wall. And he’s going to have to do it for the most part alone. He’s not going to get legislative support. They will not appear to be unified government on this because there isn’t, and before Trump came along there wasn’t. The Democrats have been for open borders and anti-wall except when it was politically cool for them to say so. But when it came time to put money to the deal, they’ve always voted for it, but then something happened. The deal never got made it. The legislation never got passed, and so the money never got fully appropriated. So they have been playing both sides against the middle on this depending on which way the political winds have been blowing.”

He added, “The American people are never supposed to see this. It’s too intricate, complicated. The summary’s one thing but believe me, this bill is a message from Nancy Pelosi and Chuck You Schumer to Donald Trump, and it’s pfft you.”

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