Dem Rep. Brown: Trump’s National Emergency Declaration ‘a Pure Power Grab’

During Sunday’s “Kasie DC” on MSNBC, Rep. Anthony Brown (D-MD) commented on President Donald Trump’s decision to declare a national emergency at the southern border.

According to Brown, the emergency declaration is “a pure power grab.”

“This is a pure power grab,” Brown told host Kasie Hunt. “Not only is he usurping congressional authority under the constitution, but he’s really contravening the will of the American people.”

He added, “The secretary was right. Every decision will be a tough decision. This is what I mean: I’ve been hearing the last two years general officers, senior Pentagon officials coming to the House, coming to Congress and making a strong case for every single military construction project that we authorize and appropriate. So, to go back now and say they’re not important and we will take them away and fund a wall — [you’re] talking about military housing, you’re talking about air fields, you’re talking about military health clinics and schools. It impacts military readiness and quality of life for military families.”

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