Giuliani: Cohen Committed ‘As Provable Perjury’ as I’ve Ever Seen – Trump Didn’t Know of Daniels Payments at the Time

On Friday’s broadcast of Fox News Radio’s “Brian Kilmeade Show,” Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani stated that during his testimony before Congress, former Trump attorney Michael Cohen committed “as provable perjury” as he has ever seen. Giuliani also stated that Trump didn’t know about the payments made to Stormy Daniels at the time, and the reimbursements he paid to Cohen aren’t a campaign contribution.

Giuliani said that Cohen’s statement that he didn’t want a White House job is “about as provable perjury [as] I’ve ever seen. So far, if you just look online, there are about eight — no five witnesses and then, of course, the tape with Cuomo. And I have to tell you, I don’t want to be a witness, but he told me the same thing, and he even complained to me that he didn’t get a job.”

Giuliani later stated that Cohen’s claim that the president gave inflated assets to an insurance company is “about as true as he wasn’t asking for a job, he didn’t represent foreign governments. That’s another area of really serious perjury.”

Regarding the checks Cohen produced that Trump wrote him, Giuliani stated, “Look, we brought all that out ten months ago. There’s nothing new in what he said. We brought out ten months ago, that he made the payments. It’s our view of it that the president didn’t know about it at the time. And then, the president, when he found out about it, made arrangements for reimbursement. Now, it’s not a campaign contribution, Brian. Because one of the purposes of it was to shield Melania, his wife and his family, from the bad publicity. … So, if you go back to the — some of the other cases that exist, if I make a so-called campaign expense, but one of the reasons for it is personal, and I would have made it anyway, had I not been in a campaign, then it’s not a campaign contribution.”

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