MSNBC’s Hunt on Nunes Twitter Suit: Twitter’s ‘Debunked’ Idea It Silences Conservatives

Tuesday on MSNBC, network commentator Kasie Hunt reacted to Rep. Devin Nunes’ (R-CA) defamation lawsuit against Twitter for “shadow-banning” conservatives, including Nunes.

According to Hunt, Twitter has “widely debunked” the idea that Twitter is silencing conservatives by making their posts practically invisible to others.

“[T]his has been debunked by Twitter,” Hunt argued. “They say this is not something that they actively engage in. There was an incident where some people, some prominent conservatives were not showing up in search. They claim it was a brief glitch. But Devin Nunes … if there is a theory out there about how conservatives are being taken advantage of by the deep state, by Twitter, you know, Devin Nunes is right there for it.”

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