CNN’s Tapper Defends Mueller Probe Coverage: ‘I Don’t Know Anybody Who Got Anything Wrong’

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” host Jake Tapper told President Donald Trump’s Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney he was unaware of anything those on his network got wrong while reporting on the Mueller probe.

Mulvaney said, “We need to figure out what went wrong with the Mueller report, why, in all fairness to your network, why the media got it so wrong for so long.”

Tapper said, “I’m not sure what you’re saying the media got wrong. The media reported that the investigation was going on. Other than the people in the media on the left, not on this network, I don’t know anybody who got anything wrong. We didn’t say there was conspiracy. We said that Mueller was investigating conspiracy.”

Mulvaney shot back, “That’s fine, if that’s your recollection of history, that’s great. Face it: The media got this wrong. It’s OK people get stuff wrong all the time just not at this level. But it’s done now. The report is there. It’s extraordinarily thorough, as you know, I think they talked to 500 people, issued 2,800 subpoenas, and it completely exonerates the president, there’s no collusion, there’s no obstruction of justice.”

Tapper asked, “Have you read the Mueller report?”

Mulvaney said, “No, I, neither have you. I’ve read the Barr summary, which is what everyone else has read.”

Tapper said, “But you’re making statements there that — I don’t know what the Mueller report says. I was just asking are we going to see the Mueller report. There were, in addition to all the interviews you talked about, dozens of indictments, including jail time for people close to the president.”

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