Graham Dismisses Trump-Russia Charges: ‘He Doesn’t Collude with His Own Government’

On this weekend’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) offered a glimpse into President Donald Trump’s reaction to the findings in the Mueller report.

Graham said Trump was pleased with the Mueller report and dismissed the notion that Trump could collude with Russia by saying he couldn’t collude with his own government.

“He was very pleased that everything he’d been saying for two years proved to be right,” Graham said. “If you know President Trump — and I have gotten to know him pretty well — there is no way he sat down with the Russians and came up with a plan and followed it. He doesn’t come up with a — he doesn’t collude with his own government. So this whole thing was a — was ridiculous, if you know the president.”

“And it’s proven to be ridiculous. And I told him about 1,000 times there’s one person that can clear you of this, and it’s Mueller,” he continued. “And I want people to understand that Mr. Mueller for two years looked at this very hard. It came out with a conclusion there was no collusion. And Jim Clyburn said, as a Democrat, we need to move on. Adam Schiff represents a wing of the Democratic Party, the Oliver Stone wing of the Democratic Party, that will never let this go.”

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