Dem Rep. Katie Hill: Biden Apology ‘an Important Moment’

Thursday on CNN’s “Newsroom,” Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA) argued former Vice President Joe Biden’s apology for his alleged inappropriate behavior with women was “an important moment” given it signaled that cultural norms had changed.

She told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin she was glad Biden took the tack he had regarding that behavior.

“I mean, I think we know this from our personal relationships that you can’t just say, ‘Gee, I’m sorry you felt that way,'” she said. “You need to be apologizing for what you did. It doesn’t matter your intentions. It matters how people feel and how you made them feel. So I think this is an important moment where we are looking at things differently. The cultural norms accepted for generations and especially over the last several decades aren’t there anymore. We’re changing them, and we need to be changing them. And I think it’s really requiring a lot of us and especially men of a certain age to look back on the way they acted previously and reconcile some things.”

“So I’m glad that he’s taking some kind of responsibility for it. I think he does owe an apology for the way that he made people feel regardless of his intentions and this is the time where — I don’t — we’re not trying to vilify people, right?” Hill continued. “We’re trying to have these conversations that need to be had, educate people and hopefully really move our culture change in the right direction.”

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