‘Morning Joe’: Trump Carrier Group Announcement to the Middle East Meant to Distract from Mueller

Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” show regular Mike Barnicle and co-host Joe Scarborough suggested the announcement of an aircraft carrier strike group to the Middle East to respond to a threat from Iran was nothing but a distraction from President Donald Trump’s domestic troubles.

After Scarborough derided Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” Barnicle offered his theory the carrier group announcement was the distraction.

“The cards they are playing are totally predictable in a sense when you look at the nature of this guy in the Oval Office,” Barnicle declared. “They’re totally predictable. You know you got the report — Bob Mueller, Bob Mueller, Bob Mueller, get sick of Bob Mueller. And by the way, you’re not getting sick enough of Bob Mueller? How about a carrier group to the Middle East? Send a carrier group to the Middle East.”

Scarborough questioned that announcement by saying the news of the carrier group headed to the Middle East had been reported a month prior to the announcement.

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