Jackie Speier: Trump ‘Has in Many Respects Become a Dictator’

Wednesday on CNN’s “Right Now,” Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) proclaimed that President Donald Trump “has in many respects become a dictator.”

On Congress voting to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt, Speier said, “This is turning up the heat. There is no question that holding him in contempt will throw it to the courts and we will have to hope that that will be expedited. Congress has the right to access the underlying documents of the Mueller report. There is no question about that. I can’t imagine a court ruling otherwise. But they are throwing every obstacle in our way because the president has in many respects become a dictator. He is trying to prevent Congress from doing its oversight function. We won’t accept that. If necessary, we can do what’s called inherent contempt which means we can call on the sergeant of arms to bring in Mr. Barr and have him appear before the full House and then either he testifies or he is fined.”

She added, “I am one of those that believes we will not get the respect we deserve until we act a little more aggressively in asserting our authority which we have to access these documents. We have a right to know what the underlying documents have. We have a right to access the tax returns of the president to determine whether or not his engagement with foreign countries is in part why he will not touch Putin and why he is willing to cozy up to him.”

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