Lindsey Graham on Trump’s Remarks About an Openness to Foreign ‘Dirt’: ‘The Right Answer is No’

Thursday on CNN, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) rebuked President Donald Trump for saying he would accept dirt on political opponents from foreign governments.

Graham said, “Whether it be money or information on your opponent, the right answer is no. And I’ve been consistent about that. I think Christopher Wray’s statement is the correct statement. I’m hoping some of my Democratic colleagues will take more seriously the fact that Christopher Steele was a foreign agent paid for by the Democratic party to gather dirt on Trump, document unverified he use today to get a warrant. That’s why I’m so upset about that. Foreign influence in our elections is growing, not lessening. We don’t want to send a signal to encourage it. So that’s why I think looking at the FISA process regarding the Steele dossier is important.”

When asked about Trump’s statement again, Graham added, “I think it’s a mistake. I think it’s a mistake of law. I don’t want to send a signal to encourage this.”

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