GOP Rep. Kinzinger: The Way Iran Strike Decision Was Handled ‘Could Invite’ More Attacks

On Friday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Situation Room,” House Foreign Affairs Committee member Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) disagreed with President Trump’s decision to not strike Iran and expressed particular concern with the manner in which the decision was made inviting more attacks.

Kinzinger said, “I actually think the president has every right to not strike Iran, obviously. It’s a decision where, I think it’s unfortunate. I think, at bare minimum, you should lose whatever asset you shot down.”

He added, “I respect the president’s decision. What I think has been the problem today is not so much that he didn’t decide to strike, it’s the way in which this all played out. The fact that it was reported and he admitted that there was about ten minutes between when the strike was going to happen and then found out the number of casualties. There’s questions there. So, I don’t think anybody should have a doubt that if Iran does something again there will be enough pressure on the president to have a pretty robust retaliation, much bigger than I think was even planned this time, but how this whole thing played out I think could invite potential attacks from other areas.”

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