Pirro: While Trump Draws Crowds, ‘the Democrat Clown Car Overloaded with 23 Candidates Bumbles Down the Path to Nowhere’

Saturday on her Fox News Channel program, host Jeanine Pirro compared and contrasted President Donald Trump fresh off of his 2020 campaign launch announcement rally in Orlando earlier this week, and the field of Democrats vying for their party’s 2020 nod.

Pirro explained how it was difficult to know what the Democratic Party stands for in 2019 given the 2016 primary wasn’t much of a contest.

“If you thought there was a lot of in-fighting in the Republican Party when Donald J. Trump ran in the 2016 presidential primary against 16 other candidates– sit back, strap in and grab your popcorn,” she said. “The Democrat primary promises to be an all-out bare-knuckle beatdown clown show. And although it’s been four years since Hillary and Bernie duked it out in the primary with Hillary’s cash on the DNC’s scales, we know very little about what the Democrats actually stand for. What we do know is they still hate President Trump now more than ever. Every other message is frenetic, frenzied, and hysterical. Every message is a bit more left, a bit more progressive, a bit more socialist than the last one. They keep going so far left. I’m waiting for them to fall off the edge of the earth. But then again the earth is round unless they upended that truth, too.”

She argued the Democratic field was no match compared Trump, who she said was riding high with the nation’s economic success.

“This kind of enthusiasm has never been matched in American history, and I don’t care what poll, what network, what statistical genius tells you who is ahead and who isn’t,” Pirro continued. “There is a chord that this man strikes in the American heart: the American dream that the left can’t destroy, ravage and obliterate no matter how hard they try. The day after his rally, he raised nearly $25 million. The largest one-day haul by any candidate in presidential history. So, as he stays strong and laser-focused on his strengths and the rocketing economy with opportunity for all Americans to be part of the American dream, the Democrat clown car overloaded with 23 candidates bumbles down the path to nowhere. Like cannonballs, their plan not so much to promote themselves as it is to eat each other alive.”

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