Deutsch: Dems Didn’t Take on Trump’s ‘Horrific Assault’ on America Enough

Wednesday while commenting on the MSNBC Democratic candidates’ debate, network host Donny Deutsch said none of the candidates took on President Donald Trump’s “assault on our democracy and an assault on our senses,” enough.

Deutsch said, “I want to work back from to me the moment where the room came alive, and to me, it’s the ultimate tell. When Inslee said our biggest threat is Donald Trump. And that to me still is what is driving voters and still was not touched tonight. The reason some people reacted positively to de Blasio because you saw another bully up there. He was kind of invading other people’s spaces. Cory Booker had his strength. The reason people have not gone after to this point Biden is because he is seen as the anti-Trump and it will backfire at this point until he’s not.”

“So to me, that is the big thing, and it was not addressed tonight,” he continued. “This is not an issues campaign. This is who is the bully that can beat the bully? And I think interestingly enough Booker showed a certain strength there. Even de Blasio even though I found him annoying also, he cut through. And I think that is the driver. It’s not issues. It’s not universal health care. It’s not a woman’s reproductive rights, as important as that is. What we have lived through all these things before, we’ve lived through Iran, we have lived through Korea, we have lived through issues on health care. We have not lived through an assault on our democracy and an assault on our senses. That is what everybody is lensing everything through. So I don’t think Warren moved that ball particularly. I do think interestingly enough Booker did move that ball.”

Nicolle Wallace asked, “Donny, just to keep your frame around this, I’ve got a list of who dropped Trump’s name the most, and you’re right. Warren didn’t mention Donald Trump. Neither did de Blasio based on this list. Amy Klobuchar invoked Donald Trump nine times, and Tim Ryan second with seven. Do you think that an opportunity was missed to sort of indict all of the moral and legal and ethical and policy trespasses of the Trump years? And if you do, why do you think they made that decision? It was obviously a strategic choice.”

Deutsch said, “People want to hear somebody stand up and say this is a horrific assault on who we are on every level, everything we stand for, and he needs to go, and I’m the one to take him out. People are yearning for that. They are crying for that. You heard it even in the applause to Jay Inslee, who other than that had very bad night. I don’t understand how people don’t know that. That supersedes everything 10 times.”

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