Zerlina Maxwell: Biden’s Delayed Apology Evidence He Isn’t the Most Electable Candidate

Monday on MSNBC’s “Live,” network political analyst Zerlina Maxwell said 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful, former Vice President Joe Biden’s delayed apology for his remarks about working with segregationist senators makes her question if he is the most electable candidate.

Maxwell said, “You mentioned Anita Hill first, I think that is something that he will have to more sufficiently apologize for. He already has said that he wished that he could more but folks who were there at the time, I was very young, but I remember he was in charge of the committee so he could have done more. He needs to acknowledge that. He can’t be disingenuous about it. And I think that these issues will pop up, but he can deal with them as they pop up. You can posit out what the issues are going to be and prepare strategies to deal with them. Every single candidate in this race will have to do that. Kamala Harris will have to do that with her record as a prosecutor. Elizabeth Warren will have to do that. Cory Booker and Joe Biden will have to do that.”

She added, “The fact that he took so long to apologize is evidence to me that maybe he isn’t the most electable candidate because any Democrat is going to need to win the black vote to win the election. And if he is going to be waffling back and forth, with these tone-deaf remarks, he will have trouble doing that.”

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