Marianne Williamson: Trump ‘Is a Megaphone for White Nationalism in the United States’

Tuesday on Hill.TV, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson declared President Donald Trump has become a “megaphone” for white nationalism.

Williamson said, “He is a megaphone for white nationalism in the United States. And unfortunately, he is also a megaphone for this kind of autocratic right-wing fascistic-tending pattern throughout the country. I think People underestimate the danger represented by this presidency at their peril.”

She added, “We should not underestimate the danger of the fact that a voice for that white nationalism is now the White House. He took off after the Squad, he took took off after Elijah Cummings, today he took off after Al Sharpton. You know its not hyperbole to say if you didn’t know better you would think he’s stoking a race war.”

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