Sharpton: Trump Is a White Supremacist — ‘Lets Do Something About It’

Friday on  MSNBC’s “Deadline,” network host Al Sharpton said President Donald Trump is a “white supremacist.”

Sharpton said, “I think when you have the law enforcement release a statement today that the shooter, we don’t have to guess about, the shooter is saying he was targeting Mexicans, it is a hate crime. So all of this hogwash the president is talking about, about video games and other things, hogwash. This guy did not say I was watching video games. He did not say any of the excuses the president gave. He said I came at Mexicans. Who has been the orator of trying to demonize and denigrate Mexicans? Donald Trump. Go forward today, Donald Trump, who is brash and demanding, says I talked to Mitch on the phone.”

“Not that I told Mitch to get back here to Washington and have a special session,” he continued. “No that I said the Senate ought to be doing this and break a day in their recess. By the way, I’m on my way to the Hamptons to a fund-raiser, hurry up, because I’ve got to get out and pick up money. Then I’m going on an extended vacation. But trust me, even though I lied to you every time before, trust me after my vacation and my golfing, and after Mitch gets finished in Kentucky, we’re going to do this. What are we going to do? We’re going to do background checks. We’re not even going to talk about assault weapons. The fact of the matter is this whole tape you played where he said if though know guys have a gun, they won’t come, they came. Walmart is in a carry state. There was no way that 21-year-old didn’t know people in that Walmart didn’t have guns. They sell guns in Walmart. He didn’t care anyway. He came in and started shooting no one somebody could have taken a gun off the rack and shot back. He was so full of hate and determined to do it. We are in a state of emergency, and we have a president on his way to the Hamptons and into the golf course.”

He continued, “We’re talking about a president that called a group of people based on their nationality rapists. We’re talking about a president that said those African nations and Haiti are s-hole countries. We’re talking about a president whose lawyer and somebody he said was like his of Congress under oath and said the president said have you ever seen a black person run anything, any country that worked? He is a white supremacist by his own statements and by the witnesses of his own lawyers. So why are we dancing around this trying to be all analytical? What are we looking at? You’re looking at what you’re seeing. let’s do something.”

He added, “We can’t be bullied. I know he’s going through a Twitter war. I went through it last week with the president. He needs to know, and the Democrats need to show they will not be bullied. He says I’m a racist, yet we were friends for 25 years. What did he have on blackface when I saw him for 25 years? I knew you were white. Yet I was racist. We need to stand up to him, make him stand up to the country or get another president.”

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