MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt: ‘You Don’t Want to Worry About Character? Elect a Woman!’

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “MTP Daily,” NBC News correspondent and MSNBC host Kasie Hunt suggested if voters want “character”  in politicians “elect a woman.”

Hunt said, “Can I just say, character-wise, let’s elect a woman, okay? Like this nonsense that’s been coming from our male politicians of all parties — I don’t know. I’m tired of it! You don’t want to worry about character? Elect a woman! Please. Thank you.”

Host Chuck Todd said, “There it is. I never understood why that in itself a reform message which is you don’t see woman governors getting into these scandals.”

Hunt said, “I’m sure I will be accused of being sexist in the opposite direction, but the facts are what they are.”

Todd said, “The facts are the facts.”

He added, “Kasie, well facted.”

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