GOP Rep. Rogers on Trump’s Next NSA Pick: ‘The President’s Got Great Instincts About What Works for Him’

Wednesday on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time,” Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL), the ranking Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee, discussed the possibility of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo serving as both the nation’s top diplomat and the Trump administration’s national security advisor as well.

Rogers explained to host Chris Cuomo that such a move wasn’t unprecedented.

“I served with Mike Pompeo before he left to go to work with the administration,” Rogers said. “He’s an incredible intellect and a great fellow. But the president needs to have the kind of team he wants. It’s not unprecedented for the Kissinger model to be used where both secretary of state and national security advisor are one person. I think the president has to make a decision about whether or not that’s going to fit his style. And I don’t think that he’s made that decision yet.

Cuomo asked if such a move would lend itself to offering a diversity of opinion, to which Rogers said he had faith in President Donald Trump. However, he also said it was just a news report and was not sure if Trump, in fact, wanted this situation.

“No, I think the president’s got great instincts about what works for him and whether or not the workload can be managed by one person,” he added. “This is a news story that has just been circulating. I haven’t heard the president say he wants to do this. And I’m not sure Mike Pompeo would be comfortable about that, even if it was suggested.”

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