MSNBC’s Mitchell: Bolton Will Return to Cable News to Bash Trump — ‘Not Leaving Quietly’

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell appeared Wednesday on “Morning Joe” to react to John Bolton’s ousting as national security adviser the day before.

Mitchell predicted Bolton would get a cable news talking job and would use that to be “outspoken” in his criticisms of President Donald Trump, arguing Bolton will not be “leaving quietly.”

“[W]hen you hire a Fox News commentator who auditioned for the job on Fox News, you’re going to get somebody who goes back on the air or who talks,” Mitchell advised. “I mean, he was tweeting his objections. He was texting reporters including our own reporters at the White House immediately. I was on the air when this all happened. It happened one minute before we started our show, so we, you know, blew everything out and just went wall to wall for the hour, and people were texting in and showing me their texts from John Bolton as we were rocking back and forth.”

She continued, “The fact is he is going to be very outspoken. He is not leaving quietly at all as you point out Mika, and he’s going to outline his differences. H.R. McMaster has not been heard from. He’s been working on his book. He left quietly. Jim Mattis has been criticized for coming on your program, my program and other programs and not being more critical of the president, you know, after quitting in protest and writing a very pointed resignation letter, but has demurred from being sharply critical, you know, saying that as a retired general he has another obligation. But no one who has left the national security team is going to be as outspoken as John Bolton.”

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