Dennis Rodman: Kim Jong-un Coming to America ‘in 18-24 Months’

NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman said during a Thursday “Fox & Friends” appearance that he is trying to change the world. One way he may do that is bringing his two friends, President Donald Trump and North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un, together in the United States to work on a deal.

Rodman, who has been working to bring peace between the United States and North Korea, guaranteed Kim Jong-un will be visiting America in the next “18-24 months.”

“I think [Trump] can [make a deal with Kim Jong-un],” Rodman stated. “People better watch out for this: Kim Jong-un will be in America in 18-24 months. I guarantee you.”

“As head of state or is he going to defect?” co-host Brian Kilmeade asked.

Rodman replied, “He’s coming to do one thing: to visit America.”

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