CNN’s Stelter: We Can’t Take Trump’s Word Seriously — He Comes Up with B.S. All the Time

Sunday on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” host Brian Stelter declared that President Donald Trump’s word could not be “seriously,” because he comes up with “B.S. all the time.”

Stelter said, “The president has exhausted his benefit of the doubt a long time ago because of the constant lies and deflections. I want to show you three examples this week that stood out to me. Trump said something crazy, and the White House doesn’t try to back it up. He said the government used mountain climbers to test the border wall. The White House wouldn’t explain. Then Trump on Twitter said that Obama’s Netflix still should be investigating. Maybe there is something crooked there. They didn’t want to respond about what laws may be broken. So take a look. I asked White House press secretary what laws is he seeing were broken? What statutes have been violated? Obviously, she has not responded to my request for comment. She doesn’t know what to say. There is no illegal partnership. I guess my point is the White House claims these tweets speak for themselves, but the tweets make no sense. What does it reveal about the situation we’re in, especially with regard to this Ukraine scandal that the president’s words can’t be taken seriously?”

Veteran reporter Carl Bernstein said, “There is a major Republican, Senator Burr, who has been a great defender and introduced whistleblower legislation, defended whistleblowers, and it is time for Burr, a senior Republican on the Intel Committee and chairman of the Intel Committee in the Senate to say we need to see all of this correspondence. We need to release under the Whistleblower Act what occurred here. We need the transcript. And the president of the United States says, ‘Oh, this was a beautiful conversation. It was fine, and it was all above board,’  let the president release the transcript if that’s the case.”

Stelter shot back, “We can’t take his word seriously. He comes up with this B.S. all the time. He says things like that. We can’t take those words seriously.”

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