Waters: Days After Inauguration I Knew ‘Brazen’ Trump Would Get Impeached for Abusing Power

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “All In,” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said she knew President Donald Trump would be impeached “right after the president was inaugurated.”

Waters said, “The Speaker of the House of Representatives is now onboard for a formalized impeachment inquiry. And she has her caucus support in doing so. That’s extremely different.”

She continued, You’re absolutely right. I started a long time ago, right after the president was inaugurated, talking about impeachment and saying that he was dishonorable, he was a conman, we could not trust him. And of course I was way ahead of all this and nobody really took me seriously, but I also knew that this president was so brazen and so disrespectful of the Constitution that he was going to continue to abuse the presidential power. And so he’s done just that, and now I think in everything that we have discovered in the past, it does not even measure up to what we have just discovered over the past few days about him and his attempt to leverage and get the president of Ukraine to do his bidding and find dirt on his political opponent, and so all of this is different.”

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