Coulter: ‘Very Suspicious’ We Can’t Get a Straight Answer New Border Wall Construction — Warns of 2020 Election Consequences

The border wall remains a crucial concern for Republican voters, especially as it pertains the 2020 presidential election according to conservative commentator Ann Coulter.

Coulter, the author of “Resistance Is Futile!: How the Trump-Hating Left Lost Its Collective Mind,” told Huntsville, AL radio’s WVNN during an appearance in Washington, D.C. at the Federation for American Immigration Reform’s (FAIR) Hold Their Feet to the Fire annual radio event that it was “very suspicious” how specifics about new U.S.-Mexico border wall construction was not readily made available to the public.

“It’s very suspicious that we can’t get a straight answer from them on is any new wall being built where there was nothing before?” Coulter said. “Now admittedly I’ve seen about 50 miles on a 3,000-mile border, so who cares? Fifty miles does nothing when you have a 3,000-mile border. They were crappy little fences. Any little car or a person can get past it. But there was a fence and should we create a real fence there? Yes, definitely – an improvement. But it does make a difference is if they created real wall where there was nothing before. It shows that they have the building permits, that there is no EPA problem with disturbing a snail darter – you’re actually doing something new here, and you’ve gotten the go-ahead. And I believe the answer to that is ‘no’ because every time we get a straight answer, the answer is ‘no.’”

She recounted an effort relayed to her by someone having a difficult time getting answers about progress on wall construction.

“Last I heard, one of our friends was pressing the White House – he showed it to me – he sent it to me secretly the email thread, and it’s just hilarious,” she continued. “He keeps asking – ‘Yes, yes, yes but just so I can go back to Coulter and say ‘new wall is being built.’ Can you tell me if new wall is being built where it is being built? And they will not answer that question.”

As for the 2020 presidential election and what Trump’s potentially unfulfilled pledges pertaining to immigration issues might mean for its outcome, Coulter said a lot of next year’s election had to do with the Democratic Party opposition.

“The Democrats are doing everything they can to lose this election – not only by the candidates they’re running, not only by their positions,” she said. “They seem to that if Trump wants to protect America’s working class, then we hate America’s working class. If Trump doesn’t want illegal aliens, then we love illegal aliens. They’re taking the most absurd positions. We could get the Democratic Party to officially come out for pederasty if we told them, ‘You know, Trump is against pederasty. He really wants to go after the pederasts.’ That would be a plank in the Democratic platform. So we have that, and we have this nonsense with the call with the Ukrainian guy today.”

She said Trump’s 2016 election victory was a result of a combination GOP voters being energized and Democrat complacency.

“Leaving aside how crazy they are, this is the argument for why we should be nervous,” she continued. “It was kind of a miracle victory in 2016. Trump won by 80,000 voters basically spread out over four states in the industrial Midwest, i.e., white working-class voters, who have not voted in elections in 30 years. The Democrats were caught sleeping. They were so sure it was going to be a 46-state landslide for Hillary [Clinton]. You know there were a lot of Democrats who thought, ‘Ah, I don’t want to get up early. I’m just going to say I vote. She’s going to win anyway.’”

However, Coulter warned without action on the border wall and the so-called DREAMers, some of those Trump voters may not be there in 2020.

“[I] think there are a lot of Trump voters – I know there are besides me – they voted for him for the wall, for him to end the DREAMers,” she said. “So why hasn’t he done that? No, you can’t blame Mitch McConnell for that. You can’t blame Paul Ryan for that. You certainly can’t blame the Democrats. That was an unconstitutional executive order. Obama admitted it was unconstitutional for six years until he signed it. He kept telling all these left-wing activist groups, ‘I can’t grant amnesty on my own, that would be unconstitutional.’ Then he signed. Mitch McConnell won.”

“I think a fair number, and it doesn’t take that many, of Trump’s voters to be discouraged,” she added. “The one thing that is going to get them to the polls and is going to get Ann to the polls is the terror of having some lunatic like Elizabeth Warren elected.”

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