IRLI’s Wilcox: Left’s Defense of Sanctuary City Policies in the Name Crime, Witnesses of Crime ‘Untrue’

One of the primary talking points of proponents of sanctuary cities is that such policies will guarantee that illegal immigrants that are witness or victims of crime are protected and can report incidents to law enforcement without fear of deportation.

During an appearance on Huntsville, AL radio’s WVNN during an appearance in Washington, D.C. at the Federation for American Immigration Reform’s (FAIR) Hold Their Feet to the Fire annual radio event, Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) executive director Dale Wilcox discussed his recently released report naming the nation’s worst sanctuary cities.

Wilcox debunked that reasoning for sanctuary city policies for listeners of “The Jeff Poor Show” by explaining there were exceptions written for victims and witnesses of crime in federal immigration law.

“Actually, their talking point is crime victims or witnesses won’t step forward and report to the police if they’re in the country unlawfully,” Wilcox said. “So to foster cooperation with police, we have to have these sanctuary policies. That’s untrue. That’s totally untrue. The police, the federal government – they don’t deport witnesses of crime or victims of crime. In fact, we have special visas written into our federal immigration law for victims of crime and witnesses of crime.”

Wilcox argued the true motivation behind these policies was to solidify future Democratic Party majorities.

“This is about politics,” he continued. “This is about trolling for potential future voters.”

“They’re trying to solidify their majority forever, infinitum,” Wilcox added. “The state of California – they have a supermajority in the legislature. They can push through anything they please, and there is no opposition. You know, if you can’t get people to come over to your side of the issue, if you can’t rationalize, ‘Hey, this is a good policy,’ what do you do? You import voter or look for voters in different places, like, ‘Hey, let’s let felon vote, even in jail.’ ‘Hey, let’s lower the voting age.’ ‘Hey, let’s let in as many people as we can.’”

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