MSNBC’s Deutsch Calls on Romney to Support Trump Impeachment — ‘Would Be an American Hero’

Friday, MSNBC contributor Donny Deutsch called on Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) to push for President Donald Trump’s impeachment amid the Ukraine phonecall controversy.

Deutsch said on “Morning Joe” that Romney “would be an American hero” if he came forward in support of impeaching Trump.

“First of all, I think it’s important that the Democrats, this new Rudy story, obviously, there’s so much to unpack there,” Deutsch stated. “But the good news/bad news is the Democrats continue to move forward on impeachment is they still can’t lose that one-sentence strategy. The more this thing airs out, if you will, and fans out, you start to in a strange way, it gets worse but it also dilutes the simple one-sentence message, ‘The president [sought] a foreign power to get dirt on his opponent at the expense of our national security.’ We can’t still lose that one headline. And that’s critical for the Democrats.”

He continued, “And I want to also go back to one point you made earlier, Joe. I don’t understand how somebody like a Mitt Romney does not come forward. It is such an obvious thing to say. Right now you would be an American hero, and you can say, ‘Look, I’ve supported the president’s policies and this is painful, but I work for the voters and for the Constitution.’ It astounds me as a branding guy and a guy who has managed people’s careers that none of these people get that. It’s not even brave. It’s smart politically.”

“[T]o me, is the one guy who is bulletproof,” Deutsch added, saying, “Republicans would line up behind him.”

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