Brooks: Syria Withdrawal ‘Terrible Decision, an Immoral Decision’

On Friday’s “PBS NewsHour,” New York Times columnist David Brooks stated that President Trump’s withdrawal of troops from northeast Syria is “a terrible decision, an immoral decision,” and “foreign policy by what Donald Trump’s latest emotion is.”

Brooks said, “It’s complete incoherence. I think Donald Trump — the logical thing is, Donald Trump spoke to somebody on the phone, he made a decision. It was a terrible decision, an immoral decision, and just bad for our foreign policy. I mean, who’s going to fight ISIS, or I.S., if we’re out? Who’s going to guard the 10,000 prisoners who the Kurds — we’ve been relying on the Kurds to guard? And the Kurds are going to turn to Russia or Iran or somebody. And so, it’ll further strengthen Russia and Iran. So, it’s a terrible decision. And then they get a little bad publicity, the administration does, and so then Mnuchin and various other people in the administration come out and say, oh, this is terrible. And so, it’s not a foreign policy. It’s a foreign policy by what Donald Trump’s latest emotion is.”

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