Dem Sen. Murphy on Trump Impeachment Inquiry: ‘There Absolutely Was a Quid Pro Quo’

On Tuesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) declared the impeachment investigation into President Donald Trump revealed “a quid pro quo.”

Murphy said, “Before we left for break, remember, we haven’t been here in Washington for two weeks—many Republicans said that there wasn’t a quid pro quo so there was no reason to move forward on impeachment. What we’ve learned in the last two weeks is that there absolutely was a quid pro quo. Likely there was an aid for interference quid pro quo. But what we know for certain now, especially after Fiona Hill’s testimony yesterday, is that there was a quid pro quo in which the White House was telling Zelensky he could not get a meeting with the United States unless he starts investigating the Bidens.”

“There’s this extraordinary scene she describes in which Gordon Sondland tells the Ukrainians that if they want a meeting with the White House, there needs to be a Hunter Biden investigation,” he continued. “We’ll see when we convene on the floor tonight whether the Republicans’ view has changed.”

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