Deutsch: GOP Would Vote to Remove Trump 98-2 in Secret Ballot — They ‘Don’t Want Him There’

On Tuesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Deadline,” network contributor Donny Deutsch said 98 Republican senators would vote to remove President Donald Trump if the ballot was private.

Deutsch said, “There’s a duck and cover.”

He added, “You’re seeing a turn. You’re seeing either silence from most the  Republicans, or Republicans — obviously, Mitt Romney is at the front of it. I don’t believe it’s beyond comprehension, as David said —we’re early in this —the Democrats is got to keep it tight. It is not beyond comprehension that they can get 20 senators. We all know in a private ballot the Republicans don’t want him there. Nobody wants him there anymore. He’s really not good for anybody. You and I both know, everybody at this table knows they can take a secret ballot, I guarantee you there would be about a 98-2 vote because the Republicans don’t want him there. They just need air cover. As each day goes on, they get a little bit more air cover.”

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