FNC’s Hume on Ukraine Call: Trump ‘Inexperienced’ on Foreign Policy, Likes to ‘Bluster’

On Tuesday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” senior political analyst Brit Hume argued President Donald Trump’s Ukraine call could be dismissed by his inexperience in foreign affairs.

Hume said, “If you’re a Republican in the Senate and the impeachment article conforms to this conversation that’s supposedly all about. First of all, you have to kind of interpreted to include that he was demanding a quid pro quo, that is to say, he was going to withhold the aid unless and until the investigation was conducted. In the end, the aid was not withheld an investigation he supposedly was insisting upon was not undertaken, so it does leave you wondering whether you’re a Republican senator you’re going to vote for conviction of a man on that basis.”

He added, “It’s so like this president to kind of lay about himself demanding this and demanding that, and saying people are treasonous, and saying they ought to be fired, and saying they ought to go to jail, and the rest of it, and a lot of it is just bluster. It’s just bluster on his part. And he is inexperienced in foreign affairs, so he’s on the phone with some leader, and he has this rambling kind of disconnected conversation in which he says you need to do me a favor and then he mentions some things, and later on, he says we need to investigate and see about the Bidens. Well, maybe he meant that as a quid pro quo, maybe he didn’t.”

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