RNC’s McDaniel on Kentucky Results: ‘You Have to Remember the President Is Not on the Ballot with These Races’

Thursday, during an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel offered an assessment of Tuesday night’s election results, particularly in Kentucky where incumbent Gov. Matt Bevin (R-KY) lost his reelection bid.

McDaniel noted that Republicans did well in all the other statewide races in Bluegrass State and also pointed out that although Trump rallied for Bevin, he was not on the ticket, which might have made the difference in the outcome.

“You have to remember the president is not on the ballot with these races,” she said. “He is going into these states and bringing a lot of our candidates across the finish line. He does exceptionally well in rural areas. What we are seeing with the suburbs though, they’re rejecting the Socialist agenda of the Democrat Party. When you have an Elizabeth Warren on the ballot or Joe Biden talking about giving free healthcare to illegal immigrants and having a government takeover of healthcare, that’s where we are getting the voters back.”

McDaniel espoused her confidence in Trump’s ability in the 2020 election and argued he had many metrics on his side.

“There is no better person than turning out our votes than the president,” McDaniel added. “As much as he campaigns with everybody, the president being on the ballot will be the difference-maker in 2020, and we get to go in and talk about the fact that we’ve added jobs, 6.7 million new jobs, wages are up, record low unemployment, lowest ever for the African-American community. We have a record to run on, and that will resonate in the suburbs when we are contrasted against a Democrat who wants more and more government control that suburban voters know will bankrupt our country.”

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