George Conway: GOP’s Defenses of Trump ‘Illogical,’ ‘Incoherent’ — ‘The Facts Are Quite Damning’

During Wednesday’s impeachment inquiry coverage on MSNBC, attorney George Conway, husband of President Donald Trump’s counselor Kellyanne Conway, described the Republican members’ questions and comments in defense of President Donald Trump’s dealings with Ukraine as both “illogical” and “incoherent.”

Conway said, “I don’t think the Republicans made much headway there, and I think it’s exactly as Nicolle expressed it. You saw some non-partisan professionals basically just tell us the facts. And the facts are quite damning. And the defenses that were put up by the Republicans were fundamentally illogical and incoherent. I mean, one defense was, hey, they actually got the money. The Ukrainians got the money, and Zelensky didn’t make a statement. But the fact of the matter is, it was the ask that was illegal.”

He added, “The second point they tried to make was that these witnesses didn’t have firsthand communications with the president of the United States. Well, the reason why we don’t have testimony of firsthand communications with the president of the United States is because the White House has been blocking that. And other than that, there were just a lot of irrelevancies.”

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