NBC’s Chuck Todd: GOP ‘Prioritized Loyalty’ to Trump Over Loyalty to Country

During Wednesday’s impeachment inquiry coverage on NBC, “Meet the Press” moderator Chuck Todd called the Republican members’ defense of President Donald Trump was “prioritized loyalty to a person.”

Todd said, “If we were all accepting the rules of the road as they are, we are living in a moment where we have a part of one of our major political parties that is just not accepting the premise, is just not accepting facts that are facts, is just prioritized loyalty to a person, even more so loyalty to a party, let alone loyalty to a country.”

He added, “I always think that it’s interesting that some of the criticism on some of the right is it’s too loyal to a party. It’s loyal to a single individual, which is what makes this head-scratching, which is why you always hear all of these comments—well, boy, behind closed doors, so-and-so says ‘x,’ because even they themselves are uncomfortable with how loyal to an individual. But this goes to the president’s ability to talk over this. I love how the White House claims today the president stopped paying attention. He’s tweeting like a tweet every 10 minutes.”

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