McCabe on the FBI: ‘We Don’t Talk About Political Issues’ — There’s ‘No Deep State’

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe on Tuesday addressed accusations that individuals in the FBI are driven by their political beliefs and that there is a “deep state” working against President Donald Trump.

CNN legal analyst Jeff Toobin during CNN’s impeachment hearings coverage said in his experience, the FBI, CIA and State Department are not part of the “resistance” or “left-wing outfits.”

McCabe agreed with Toobin’s assessment, saying members of the FBI “don’t talk about political issues. He also said there is “no deep state” within the FBI.

“You’re absolutely right about what the likely leanings are politically within the FBI,” McCabe told Toobin. “And of course, I say likely because we don’t know in the FBI. We don’t ask each other our political beliefs, we don’t talk about political issues. I think there is, of course, no deep state. There is no resistance within the bureaucracy across government agencies pushing against this president. But what there is in that bureaucracy are thousands and thousands of men and women who are committed to the rule of law.”

He continued, “And we now have an administration that frequently finds itself bumping up against those laws that we rely on to govern this country. And so when people across government stand up for those rules and point out those transgressions, we see how they’re treated by this administration. They’re attacked, they’re vilified in probably the same way you will see these witnesses referred to today.”

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