Rick Wilson: If Trump Said ‘Shave My Back’ — Lindsey Graham Is Going to Be There

On Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Live” so-called GOP strategist and cable news regular Rick Wilson said Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) would shave President Donald Trump’s back if Trump were to ask him to do it.

When asked about Graham investigating Joe Biden, Wilson said, “I think Lindsey Graham is sort of rolling tragedy right now where he knows much better than this. He knows Biden doesn’t deserve this. He knows the facts don’t merit it, and he knows he’s contributing to this propaganda effort, this Russia propaganda effort to say Ukraine was at fault.”

Tur asked, “So why is he doing it?”

Wilson continued, “He’s doing it for Donald Trump. He wants to be either secretary of state or re-elected or to be in that circle of people that Donald Trump says are nice to him. He’s a man without a single moral qualm. You know, today he said he had his obligation. You know, Lindsey had an obligation to the Constitution, the law, and the voters of South Carolina. But now basically if Donald Trump says ‘hey come over and shave my back,’ Lindsey’s going to be there. There is nothing he won’t do for Donald Trump at this point.”

As she laughed, Tur said, “That’s not an image I wanted in my brain, Rick Wilson. Ali Velshi is here, and I don’t think he wants that visual either.”

She added, “Rick, go get some soap and wash your brain out, my friend.”

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