Rep. Mike Rogers: Nancy Pelosi Knows Impeachment Will Cost Dems Majority in 2020

Friday, during an appearance on Huntsville, AL radio WVNN’s “The Jeff Poor Show,” Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL) argued congressional Democrats’ impeachment efforts would cost them in the 2020 general elections.

Rogers explained how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) tried to dissuade her caucus from pursuing President Donald Trump’s impeachment but recognized she would be under the threat of losing the speaker post if she did not proceed.

“She tried the first six months of this year to get them not to do this and was public in saying this was not a good idea,” Rogers said. “It was too decisive for the country, and it should never be done unless it was bipartisan and overwhelming evidence, and they wouldn’t listen to her. But she has seen what happened when the Republicans tried to remove Bill Clinton, and it cost them the majority.”

“It’s going to cost her the majority next year, and she knows it,” he continued. “But her problem is that these people almost didn’t let her become speaker because she’s not crazy enough with socialism; the new left-wing of her conference is obsessed. She was either going to have to get in front of the parade and lead it, or they were going to have to throw her overboard.”

The Alabama Republican said his outlook of GOP gains in 2020 was on the rise given impeachment.

“The only good thing about what they’re doing now is I’m very optimistic about getting the majority back next November,” he added.

Rogers said his predicted electoral outcome from impeachment would also mean that Congress can function more productively.

“Usually in bad things, there is some silver lining that you get out of it,” Rogers said. “That’s going to be the silver lining in this. It’s going to move that radical element back out of the House, and hopefully, we can not only get Republican control back but start having productivity up here and less polarization.”

When asked about Republican chances next November, he noted the impact impeachment was having on Democrat incumbents in swing districts.

“I feel much better now than I did a month ago,” he explained. “I was optimistic a month [ago]. I could see a path. And we’re polling in those 31 districts. They’re dropping like a rock. This is exactly what Nancy Pelosi told them would happen. It’s happening. So again, I’m very optimistic.”

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