Mike Lee: ‘The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act as It Now Stands Cannot Stand Any Longer’

Thursday, during an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Fox News @ Night,” Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) reacted to the recently released Department of Justice Inspector General’s report by calling for the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to undertake “a major overhaul.”

“Look, it’s been badly abused,” Lee said. “I’ve been saying for years, for the nearly all the nine years I’ve served in the United States Senate, that this is a statute that’s rife with opportunities for abuse. I knew that it would not be a question of if, but when and how badly it would be abused.”

“That’s now happened,” he added. “I’ve now got people at every end of the political spectrum on the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Senate as a whole saying that FISA, the foreign intelligence surveillance act as it now stands, cannot stand any longer. We’re going to scrap this thing, we’re going to undertake a major overhaul, or we’re not going to let this be business as usual.”

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