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Farage: Le Pen Will Win French Presidency in 2022

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,”  former UKIP leader and Fox News contributor Nigel Farage predicted Marine Le Pen will win that France’s next presidential election set for 2022. According to Farage, the Front National brand needs to be


Report: Fox News Considering ‘Pro-Trump Conservative’ Woman to Fill Megyn Kelly’s Time-slot

Gabriel Sherman reports in New York Magazine on Megyn Kelly’s departure from Fox News for NBC. Sherman’s sources claim that the cable network hopes to replace Kelly with a “pro-Trump conservative” female host in order “to align itself with the new administration.” Another Fox insider tells Sherman that Rupert Murdoch “balked when Kelly asked for $25 million late in the talks,” a claim which a source close to Kelly disputes.


Jeb: Hillary, Trump ‘Not Trustworthy’

On Monday’s broadcast of “The Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel, GOP presidential hopeful former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL) reacted to the potential feud brewing between Donald Trump, the Republican presidential front-runner, and Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential front-runner.


2016: Jeb Bush to 'Make a Decision' at 'End of the Year'

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush said he will decide at the end of the year whether he will run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016. Speaking to Fox News’ Shannon Bream from an event celebrating the 25th anniversary of

2016: Jeb Bush to 'Make a Decision' at 'End of the Year'

Palin: Waving White Flag on Obamacare Will Not Help GOP in 2014

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said Sunday that surrendering on defunding Obamacare would not help Republicans in the 2014 midterm elections. Appearing on Fox News with host Shannon Bream, Palin said that the defunding Obamacare fight “will be positive” for

Palin: Waving White Flag on Obamacare Will Not Help GOP in 2014

Daily Gut: Say 'No' to Condoms

So according to new research, having sex without a condom is healthy – at least for your head. A leading Scottish psychologist claims that unprotected straight sex can dramatically boost men’s and women’s mental well-being – with or without the