Scarborough Calls on Dems to Slow Down Impeachment — ‘It Would Be Chinese Water Torture’

Friday ahead of the House Judiciary Committee’s vote to pass articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough suggested House Democrats slow down the impeachment process, saying if he had it his way, it would be like “Chinese water torture.”

Scarborough said Democrats should “call the Republicans’ bluff” and slow the process down over weeks and months by bringing out the likes of Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels to testify against Trump, who the MSNBC host added has “committed crimes.”

“I would play it out. It would be Chinese water torture over weeks and months,” Scarborough advised. “And Donald Trump, you know what I’d do? I’d be like George H.W. Bush in the ’88 campaign against Michael Dukakis — ‘We’re going to have environmental week.’ Except for the Democrats, it’d be we’re going to have Stormy Daniels week. We’re going to bring Stormy Daniels in. We’re going to get Cohen out of jail, saying, ‘You’re in jail because you did what? You’re in jail because you helped the president in a conspiracy to violate a federal election law that would have landed him in jail. Oh, OK.’ So this is Stormy Daniels week. You know what next week is? Next week is Sergey Lavrov week. And I would just do it week after week after week.”

He continued, “Now, I understand there would be some Democrats — ‘Oh, we can’t do that.’ I understand that. But I’ll tell you what, not only would that be best for history, I think politically it would be best, call the Republicans’ bluff. If Donald Trump selling out an American ally and selling out American national security is not enough for them, you know, then let’s … put the wheat where the goats can eat it.”

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