GOP Rep. Collins: Dems Trying to ‘Give Legitimacy’ to Their Sham Impeachment

On Tuesday, Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) spoke with Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom” about the House’s impeachment hearing against President Donald Trump.

After previewing the House Rules Committee’s hearing to set the guidelines for impeachment debate on the House floor, Collins accused the House Democrats of trying to legitimize their “sham” impeachment to overturn the 2016 presidential election.

“Remember, this is all a show and tell kind of game,” Collins outlined. “They’ve been trying to make this look like Clinton and Nixon ever since they started, even before they started, because they’re trying to give legitimacy to what they’re doing. They’re trying to overturn 63 million votes of the people and doing it in a railroad job and a sham job because they just do not like this president.”

He continued, “Let’s break this down very simply: the president did nothing wrong, nothing on the call — even their witnesses told them that, but they couldn’t accept it because they don’t like how his style is, they don’t like how he did it, so they said we don’t like him anyway, we’re going to impeach him. And congratulations, they’re getting their wish come tomorrow and the American people are the ones that suffer.”

Collins called on Democrats to allow the House GOP members to have an equal chance to debate impeachment because they have not yet had that throughout the process.

“Many of our members who are passionately upset about what the Democrats have done want a chance to come to the floor and talk. Let’s see if the Democrats will give them that opportunity,” he stated.

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