Sen. Tim Scott: Pelosi Has ‘No Leverage’ – Even Democrats Are ‘Confused’ by Her Actions

On Saturday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Cavuto Live,” Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) declared that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has “no leverage” in the Senate at all and that everyone is “confused by the actions of Nancy Pelosi.”

Scott said, “There is no leverage that Nancy Pelosi has in the Senate whatsoever. … Democrats, Republicans alike, have one thing in common. We are all confused by the actions of Nancy Pelosi. If this was seriously an emergency for the American people to see come to conclusion you would expect that a trial would have to be imminent, inevitable, and necessary immediately, and according to her actions, all that the Democrats have been selling in the House about how important this is, how we must reveal what has happened with the president, none of that seems to be true.”

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