Bill Weld: If Republicans Defend Trump, They Will ‘Go Down in Droves’ in 2020

On Sunday’s broadcast of  MSNBC’s “Weekends,” 2020 Republican primary candidate former Gov. Bill Weld (R-MA) said if Republican lawmakers defend President Donald Trump against the House Democrats impeachment efforts, they will “go down in droves” in the 2020 election.

Weld said, “I don’t know whether it’s Stockholm syndrome, people identifying with their captor. I thought former Senator Flake of Arizona wrote a very good piece recently where he said, if ever there was a time to put country over party, he was addressing his former colleagues and Republican senators, ever a time to put country over party, it is now. And if you do that, addressing the senators, you might just save the Grand Old Party, meaning the Republican Party, before it’s too late. I agree with his implied premise there, which is that if the Republicans sit there next to the yoke of Donald Trump and march in lockstep to defend him irrespective of the evidence, they’re going to go down in droves. I’ve seen this movie before. I saw the congressman who defended Nixon all summer long, they all lost when they faced the voters at the polls the next year because they looked like fools.”

He added, “If the Republican senators march in lockstep behind Trump irrespective of the evidence at the trial, those who are up next year will lose.”

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